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Let IOT change the "vision" sector -- research area industrial control unveiled INFOCOMM ChINA 2018

Date: 2018-04-13
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On -13 April 11th, China Beijing National Conference Center ushered in many professional audio-visual and interactive experience industry businesses, manufacturers and end users from various vertical industries. As a leading embedded product solution provider in China, research domain industrial control is committed to the solution of intelligent interconnection. This time Intel China participated in the event with the theme 'let the intelligent change' as the theme.

让智能物联改变“视”界——研域工控亮相INFOCOMM CHINA 2018

Han Zhixing and Intel China booth number is CD1-01, as the giant of the science and technology industry, the glamour of Intel is not necessary. On the booth of the turbulent flow of people, the embedded industrial control main board of the industrial control independent research and development design, such as N38SL, B15DM, D310, and so on, adopts the latest Intel processor technology, and integrates many IO interfaces to enrich the function. The perfect design has attracted numerous customers and has made a striking highlight in the booth.

让智能物联改变“视”界——研域工控亮相INFOCOMM CHINA 2018

Center for industry control products, Jiang manager patiently explains products for visiting customers.

Technology originates from quality, and quality originates from the unremitting pursuit of perfection. As one of the exhibitors, the InfoComm China exhibition, as one of the exhibitors and the latest technology, is one of the exhibitors. It is well versed in the 'technology changing world', with 'innovation, transcendence, leading' as the core of development, closely following the trend of science and technology, and providing a large number of high-quality embedded product solutions for global customers. Research area industrial control will make breakthroughs in IOT and face recognition technology, and provide more help for the world.

让智能物联改变“视”界——研域工控亮相INFOCOMM CHINA 2018

让智能物联改变“视”界——研域工控亮相INFOCOMM CHINA 2018



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