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Large exposure of Intel seventh generation Kaby Lake processor

Date: 2017-12-15
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The Intel seventh generation processor Kaby Lake will enter mass production in June. If it goes smoothly, it will be released in autumn.

Kaby Lake will be Intel's third and last 14nm process, and next year's Cannonlake will eventually upgrade to 10nm..

The Kaby Lake processor is still a LGA1151 interface. Intel is ready to use 256MB eDRAM cache on new processors, doubling 128MB than the current GT3e/4e core. At the same time, the new memory controller increases the DDR4 memory frequency from 2133 to 2400MHz.

The Kaby Lake platform will launch four versions, the low power version of the Kaby Lake-U series, the Kaby Lake-Y series ultra low power version, the Core M series, and the Kaby Lake-S on the desktop.

TDP, Kaby Lake will continue to use 14nm technology, mainstream dual core, quad core TDP or 35W, 65W, K series is still 95W.

Chipset will be upgraded to 200 series, of which the desktop pushes Z270, H270, the biggest change is to support Intel Optane non - volatile storage technology, the number of PCIE 3 channels more than 100 series more than 4 upgrades to 24. This improvement is mainly for the preparation of the Optane hard disk of the new generation 3D XPoint flash memory. As for the H110 chipset, it will continue to support until Intel launches the 10nm platform.

When Intel launches Kaby Lake series processor, Han Zhixing technology will also launch Kaby Lake series products for the first time. Please pay close attention to our company's trend.

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