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Ride in winter and go with joy

Date: 2017-10-03
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The development of the enterprise can not be separated from the customers, products and employees. Han Zhixing technology has a perfect and perfect customer service system, and he treats the products. Han Zhixing has always grasps the latest science and technology, and ensures the excellent quality of the product with strict scientific attitude. Environment and colorful amateur life, atmosphere is harmonious as a big family, so that everyone can enjoy a sense of belonging.

In December 2nd, an outdoor group outing was organized by the Han Zhixing technology research and development center and product center, which is riding on Forest Park in Dongguan. More than 30 people participating in the activity reached their destinations in an atmosphere of excitement and joy.


Some people say that the smartest people in the enterprise are those who engage in technical work, but these people are also the most lack of sports cells. In fact, after arriving at the destination, people of Han Zhixing R & D center and product center can not wait to start riding. On the scheduled more than 10 kilometre riding route, although no professional riders have their demeanor, they do not lose the passion to take the lead.


Of course, the main activity is to relax the mood, the riding state is the patent of men, the center of Han Zhixing science and technology R & D Center & the product center is not lack of beauty. A sense of satisfaction. Beautiful things must be photographed and left.


The ride is in winter, and the travel day is sunny. In the warm sun, and colleagues unobstructed riding, enjoy the scenery, feel the harmonious atmosphere of Han Zhixing science and technology, at this time in the south, may not be able to bear a sentence which makes the northern friends extremely dissatisfied: this winter is not too cold!

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