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Passion playground, interesting Han Chi star

Date: 2017-12-12
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It is a very painful thing for a person who is mentally immersed in his work to move his limbs. - Lev Tolstoy

In addition to the smooth operation of communication and cooperation, the enterprise's good operation, the agglomeration of conglomerate and the active and enterprising atmosphere are essential. Of course, health is also the root of all things development. In December 9, 2017, Han Zhixing science and technology held a 'vigorous and vigorous body health' in the National Music Science Park. The winter fun games, which is the theme of physical and mental endeavour.

At 13 p.m., all the staff are gathered. Then, the general manager of the general office of the general manager of the company mobilized the speech, encouraged all athletes to play out the style, the competition, and wished the Games a success, and then announced the opening of the games.


The games include tug of war, four feet of three people, clothing relay, collective rope skipping, crab back watermelon, and conjorting run, which not only show teamwork, but also test personal action. In the field, the competition is very intense but also happy, with a long stalemate of the tug of war, three people with four feet, the competition between the two, the concentric synchronization of the collective rope skipping, the humorous and funny crabs, the balance and stability of the crabs, and the scene almost every moment. Compared with the athletes' competitive state, the cheerleaders on the sidelines also spare no effort to give cheers and cheers.激情运动场,趣味汉智星

The competition is a wonderful and high tide. Mr. Yang Dong and his wife, general manager of Han Zhixing, went to the scene and participated in the events so that the atmosphere of the Games became more intense. At the end of the games, the winners of each project got the reward, and everyone involved in the games got joy and got a rare relaxation in the busy work.激情运动场,趣味汉智星

Joy is the transmission of infection, an unusual sport will let Han Zhi star science and technology all people feel the charm of sports, share the joy of sports, but also feel the warmth of friendship between Han Zhi star. In fact, the essence of sports is not a result, but a process, participation, integration, and feeling is a success. This is a perfect sports meet. It is also a microcosm of Chinese intelligence stars taking the initiative and moving forward together. In fact, the wish is far away, and the beauty is in front of us.激情运动场,趣味汉智星

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