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Do not forget the beginning of the heart of gratitude

Date: 2018-01-31
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In January 26, 2018, it is a day to celebrate the industry control of the field. Today, the research area industry control sincerely invites many guests to gather together to share the "creative Thanksgiving celebration" dinner.


The banquet began in the new year's blessings in the various departments of industrial control and industry control. The opening dance, "water inspiration", detonated the whole atmosphere in a moment, and the graceful posture of the host heralded the formal start of the dinner.


At the dinner party, Mr. Yang Dong, the chairman of the Institute of industry and control, made a new year's speech. Yang said that in 2017, the research area industrial control made great leap forward development, and the development of the industry control people was inseparable from the efforts of the industrial control workers, and the support of the industrial chain partners and the trust of the customers. 2018 is a new year, and industrial control will continue to work hand in hand with all of us. The theme of the dinner is "creation and gratitude". Yang said that it is the premise for the development of industrial control in the research area not to forget the heart of creation and always be grateful. Yang's speech, not only a summary of the past year, but also a plan for the new year's goal, has shown the prospect of the industrial control on the future. The speech gives all the people more than confidence and an expectation that when the speech is over, the whole scene has a warm applause.


The program is compact and rich in the program. There are songs and fever of handsome young men and women in the research field. There are humorous and humorous articles "special hairdresser". There are "black and white" dance with an eye like illusion. There are many people in concert with the "little man dance". There are happy and festive "good luck", and more professional actors are interested. The performance of "the love of Peacock" in the natural beauty of nature, imitating the wonderful back of the string song "Li Yugang imitative show", and so on, wonderful programs let the scene of applause, cheers come in and out, many people's mobile phone screen in the whole dinner process has never been waiting for opportunity, clapping sound of a wave after wave, still have a research field workers One of the ritual gifts to be prepared is to recharge the treasure, otherwise, such a colorful dinner must indeed miss many pictures.


The warm atmosphere of the dinner party infected everyone, Yang general, the research and development center Xie general, the product center Jiang manager also joined together to sing a song "we are different", as the lyrics sing "this day you and I hold up together, more effort only for what we want tomorrow." Today, we are happy with what we did yesterday. 2018, and tomorrow, we will be better and better.


It is not only a Thanksgiving and a spring dinner, but the most desirable thing for the party is the award ceremony. The dinner is interspersed with a wonderful program. If it is distributed at normal time, the party is over at 9:30 p. m., but not only the wonderful show, the endless awards, and the rise of the number of awards. So that the climax of the scene, constantly stimulating all the nerves of the scene, the party continued until the early morning before the end.


  The Golden Chicken is a old year old, the Rui dog welcomes the new spring, the research domain industrial control "create the Thanksgiving ceremony" in the "unforgettable tonight" music sound successfully finished, this time the end foreshadowed the new start, the research area industrial control and you meet the coming year, the friendship, a total.

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