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  • Job:Chief financial officer
    Hiring: 1
    Published:2018 /06 /12
    Job description:

    1. Responsible for the company's financial management and accounting work, organize the company's annual comprehensive financial plan and control standards, and carry out the cost and cost prediction, plan control, accounting, analysis and assessment.

    2, responsible for the establishment of a sound corporate financial management accounting system, the establishment of a financial system to ensure the implementation, implementation and corporate financial benign operation;

    3, responsible for the preparation of financial statements and financial statements, to provide timely and effective financial analysis for the company's decision-making, and to effectively supervise and inspect the financial system, the implementation of the budget and the appropriate and timely adjustment.

    4, responsible for issuing and reviewing the budget plan, adjusting and correcting the budget plan, audit the company's every payment, audit funds plan and use, to ensure the management and control of business risk and process implementation;

    5. Responsible for promoting the construction of financial system process and internal control system, supervising and implementing and tracking and evaluating the implementation effect;

    6, responsible for the development of the Department's post responsibilities, the Department's personnel structure allocation and staff assessment;

    7. Responsible for managing relations with other financial and taxation institutions.

    Interview location: 3 Building 8 floor, National Music Science Park
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    1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting, auditing, finance or related field. CPA or equivalent professional qualification is preferred.

    2. Be familiar with finance, tax policy, operation analysis, cost control and costing.

    3. Proficient in national financial and tax laws and regulations, with excellent professional judgement ability and rich experience in accounting and project analysis.

    4. Five years or above, three years or above.

    5, good professional accomplishment!!! (very important!!!)

  • Job:Copywriter assistant
    Hiring: 1
    Published:2018 /06 /12
    Job description:

    1. Responsible for writing, optimizing and publishing various brand publicity copywriters, including company soft language, advertising materials, text scripts, etc.

    2, responsible for company website, WeChat public platform, industry media forum, update and maintenance of social media;

    3. Responsible for industry information collection and statistics, and evaluate the effectiveness of major platforms.

    4. Responsible for departmental cost application, account cancellation, contract management and so on.

    5, assist the Department personnel to deal with the relevant things.

    Interview location: 3 Building 8 floor, National Music Science Park
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    1, excellent copywriting skills, good at copywriting, preferably published works, limited to women;

    2, the position will involve the promotion of publicity materials for foreign trade social media, and English must reach 4 or more.

    3, Chinese language and literature, news media, advertising, marketing and other professional priorities.

    4, proficiency in office software, will be a certain degree of image modification capabilities, such as office, PS and other software.

    5. Relevant work experience is preferred. Excellent graduates can also adapt to learning ability.

  • Job:Electric business operator
    Hiring: 1
    Published:2013 /11 /28
    Job description:

    1. Responsible for the operation and operation plan of B2C Mall (Taobao, Tmall store) own brand.

    2, according to the company's product and strategy, integrate team resources, and participate in the formulation and implementation of marketing strategies, such as product demand, brand building, network promotion, promotion program and other marketing strategies.

    3, proficient in various marketing methods and promotion methods, increase the natural flow of shops;

    4. Responsible for monitoring real-time operation details, analyzing operation data, and timely writing shop operation analysis data report;

    5, according to the operation data and e-commerce market trends and changes, combined with the company's product style, provide effective countermeasures.

    6, market, industry, market and other information collection;

    7, dismantling the monthly work plan and sales target and implementing it;

    8. Responsible for coordination and management among relevant departments, teams, channels, media and other partners.

    Interview location: 3 Building 8 floor, National Music Science Park
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    1. College degree or above (e-commerce preferred), less than 38 years old;

    2, proficient in B2C e-commerce operating environment, more than 5 years of practical experience in e-commerce, skilled operation of shop operation management, trading rules, platform marketing rules, promotion rules, good planning and promotion ability;

    3, good at planning online shop, outside the store marketing activities and commodity optimization; good at integration of various means of network, to reduce the cost of promotion, the ability to carry out effective sales, familiar with a series of extension of the operation of direct traffic;

    4. Be familiar with search optimization, enhance the experience of baby ranking, and be keen on the electricity supplier market.

    5. Be familiar with Blog, forum, community, micro-blog, and other emerging network promotion media.

    6. Good communication and management skills, effective leadership and execution, and can work under pressure.

    7, have Taobao, Tmall operating experience!

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