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  • Job:R & D assistant
    Hiring: 1
    Published:2018 /07 /24
    Job description:

    1. Assist department heads in internal management and inter departmental communication.

    2. Responsible for making and updating SOP

    3, familiar with the composition of the computer, components and motherboard interface.

    4. Responsible for uploading and updating new product website and Intel alliance website.

    5. Within the Department, assist in tracking and implementing product projects that have been put into the market.

    6, do some product information collation and archiving.

    7, training staff brief product information and related knowledge.

    8. I can read English letters and have some skills.

    9. Experience in hardware testing, writing product specification, specification, translating into English and website maintenance is preferred.

    10, CAD/PS/AI and other related software.

    Interview location: 3 Building 8 floor, National Music Science Park
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    1. High school or above, conscientious, careful and responsible, with strong sense of teamwork.

    2, familiar with ERP system, familiar with EXCEL, WORD and other OFFICE software;

    3. Familiar with electronics, structure and packaging BOM of electronic products.

    4. The working experience of the main board industry is preferred.

  • Job:Power Engineer
    Hiring: 1
    Published:2018 /06 /25
    Job description:

    1. Proficient in power design of X86 motherboard, familiar with relevant specifications and design experience for more than 2 years.

    2. Familiar with common power topology and familiar with commonly used electronic devices.

    3. Be familiar with common control methods, and be able to know the advantages and disadvantages of their respective control schemes.

    4. Be familiar with the common testing tools for power supply, and be able to adjust the power supply.

    5. AC-DC PC power design experience is preferred.

    Interview location: 3 Building 8 floor, National Music Science Park
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    1. College degree or above, more than 3 years of PC power design experience.

    2. It has certain compression ability.

    3, electronics, power electronics, automation and other major.

    Skill requirements:

    1, familiar with the use of oscilloscope load instrument SOURCE and other equipment.

    2, familiar with the commonly used ORCAD and other software, will draw the schematic diagram, make BOM, etc., will examine the PCB circuit diagram.

  • Job:Foreign trade assistant
    Hiring: 1
    Published:2018 /06 /12
    Job description:

    1, the system is responsible for the order of the Department order, the merchandiser, the delivery and so on (such as the sample, the customer demand of the batch order, the quality follow up, the material in place, the delivery time and so on)

    2. Sorting and tracking order progress; order review form, sales contract classification and filing management.

    3. Accounts receivable collection and sales data statistics.

    4. Visas, air tickets, hotel arrangements during the exhibition period.

    5. Responsible for reminding and supervising the business to complete the daily affairs and requirements of the company.

    6. The handling of the rework and the return of the goods

    7. Responsible for the sales personnel during the business trip and the completion of the assigned matters.

    8, reception related customers visit

    9. Other work arranged by the Department

    Interview location: 3 Building 8 floor, National Music Science Park
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    1. The priority of the outstanding graduates

    2. English level 6 or above, good oral and communication skills.

    3. Can operate office and other office software skillfully

    4. Accept major: international economy and trade, computer, English and so on.

    5. Strong stress resistance, careful and conscientious work, cheerful personality, strong communication skills, initiative, learning ability, high sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

  • Job:Project Engineer
    Hiring: 1
    Published:2018 /06 /12
    Job description:

    1. Investigation and study of related products

    3. Make product specifications and instructions, follow up product progress.

    4. Responsible for the promotion of all stages of the project and the handling of the problems.

    5. Responsible for all aspects of project construction to meet company planning technical requirements.

    6, make recommendations, formulate, represent the company and departments to negotiate with the parties to determine the design or plan objectives.

    Interview location: 3 Building 8 floor, National Music Science Park
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  • Job:Hardware Engineer
    Hiring: 3
    Published:2018 /06 /12
    Job description:

    1, responsible for the research and development of the main board of the company and the main board of industrial control.

    2, schematic design, layout inspection;

    3. Test question customer complaint debug, project progress follow up;

    4, RMA bad problem analysis and judgement, improve design.

    Interview location: 3 Building 8 floor, National Music Science Park
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    1, proficient in X86 computer motherboard architecture, has independent X86 motherboard hardware R & D experience, and more than 5 years;

    2. Be familiar with the research and development process of the motherboard, and be competent for the related work from design, proofing to mode adjustment.

    3. Rich experience in Debug, and can face the analysis of key Bug independently.

    4, familiar with the production process of BOM;

    5. The research and development experience of the IPC main board is preferred.

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