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Twenty loads of rain and rain, twenty years of age.

In the course of the great development of the cross century, we have gathered the 

enthusiasm of researchers, the sweat of cultivation and the wisdom of innovation. Fight 

north and South The development and research area of industrial control has now 

developed into a well-known IOT intelligent hardware system provider integrating 

industrial control motherboards and industrial machines. And rank among the ranks of 

high and new technology enterprises.

We are persistent, we pursue. The leading group of the research group will open up a 

new career journey with diligent spirit of innovation. Welcome too much. The brilliance 

of the sun, we are on the road to 'do not do, do first class; pursuit of perfection, never 

stop' the spirit of enterprise heights. We must abide by the core values of integrity, 

innovation, responsibility and value, and create external harmony and strict internal 

control. The enterprise environment provides an inexhaustible positive energy for the 

company's advancement.

The times are advancing, the market is changing, and the enterprises are developing. 

Grasp the trend of development and the rhythm of the times, we implement the 'one 

industry'. Diversified management, enterprise development concept of 'strong science 

and technology', closely following the pace of the times, leading the industry to the 

top, making the best and strengthening the company.High quality and sustainable 


President Speech

We are always grateful. It is because of the support and love of friends from all walks of life that we have today's achievements and self-confidence. The walking 

ahead is getting stronger and stronger. Here, I sincerely welcome all the staff members of the company to support the research group. Sincere thanks to the new 

and old friends from all walks of life who are friendly and cooperative. And sincerely look forward to friends from all walks of life to the research group as always. 

Care and support.

We aspire to cooperate and win together, and create the most competitive vision of the IOT intelligent hardware system. Only participate in competition, but also 

pursue cooperation and share common interests with partners. Please believe that the research group is not only a friend of all. The preferred partner is your most 

trust worthy friend forever!

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