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Quality assurance

Incoming quality control

The materials required for the product must be strictly executed YANYUGONGKONG Incoming inspection standard.We implement grade control and star rating on our suppliers to ensure that all suppliers provide materials that meet our quality management requirements.


Production inspection
IPQC will follow up all production processes to ensure that all personnel operate according to standard specifications and make a certain proportion of inspection on the products of each process.And to advertise the production personnel to understand the product situation, to achieve the quality of everyone, to achieve not accept bad products, not to manufacture defective products, not to flow out defective products.For the unfavorable phenomena found in production, timely find out the reasons with the relevant quality and engineering personnel, solve the problem and prevent the solution, and constantly improve the SOP.Supervise the production unit to achieve 100% test verification of the product, to ensure that all the problems are blocked, and the products that flow out are fully qualified.



Reliability test

YANYUGONGKONG have a dedicated laboratory for reliability testing, and each batch of products produced requires 20 to 50 plates for reliability testing.Comprehensive testing to verify product reliability through aging tests, drop tests, etc., to ensure that the products that go out meet the design requirements.



All products produced must be qualified before the warehousing. The basic functions of the client verification and the appearance test are no problem and meet the requirements of special customers before they can be accepted into the warehouse as qualified products, and the unqualified products are subject to inspection and retreat. The quality unit analyzes the defective product and makes a solution and rework plan. The production unit is required to re-send the product after heavy work to ensure that each batch of products shipped meets the customer's requirements.


After sale data analysis

Has powerful data analysis team, specifically analyze client repair bad product, find out the cause of bad after statistical analysis, according to the bad reason classification process material design and user problems, targeted to solve the problem, and an overall inspection with series of products, to verify upgrade, extend the customer use for improving the quality of the products of the company, meet the demand of customers to use.

Core competitiveness

Product Innovation

Always advocating a market-based philosophy, our product features are always satisfied with our customers, thus avoiding unnecessary customization and redesign, saving customers valuable time and money. At the same time, we have professional OEM/ODM experience to meet our customers' needs for specific specifications and features. In the future, we will continue to invest in active R&D capabilities to maintain our leading edge in product innovation design.



Market focus

Has established a good reputation in the field of industrial control. After successfully applying our products to the fields of machinery, factory automation and chemical industry, we have focused on the areas of smart retail, transportation, industrial automation, network security, industrial flats, etc.


R & D strength

At present, more than 30% of our R&D center staff exceed our total employees, enabling us to meet the most demanding design requirements based on the latest technology. Experienced engineers have patented numerous designs with their unique industry-innovative nature. We are proud and proud to have such a strong R&D team.



Our scientific and technological strength is mainly reflected in 'single board computer design', 'tablet computer system design', 'BIOS design', 'design verification' and internal EMI / EMC debugging. In addition to meeting the special requirements of users and routine function testing, the product design also adds high and low temperature testing, compatibility testing, reliability testing, ESD anti-static, full load testing to ensure that the product designed and produced can work normally in harsh environments.



Factory layout is flexible, with capacity expansion capacity of production and manufacturing equipment, can easily meet the demand for capacity growth. With its professional and experienced practitioners to develop an efficient production system, we have the ability to meet our customers any special design and production requirements of IPC products.

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